Integrate climate action and upgrad your shopping experience

Give your customers a positive, climate-friendly shopping experience with our simple & easy-to-integrate Shopware plugin.

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A simple step to start or enhance your sustainability journey. With immediate impact.

Pushing corporate sustainability initiatives can be slow and demanding. But not this approach: The Yook plugin for Shopware can be easily integrated into your existing e-commerce processes. It seamlessly integrates with your existing shopping experience, adding direct value.

Your benefits

Increase customer loyalty

Improve your after-sales communication and get higher loyalty and more referrals

Reduce abandoned shopping carts

Make customers feel good about their purchases and improve your conversions

Reach more customers

Use your sustainable practices to acquire new customers and boost your marketing


Fight climate change

4 simple steps to add a climate contribution

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We help you with the installation, answer open questions and guide you personally through the process.

Decide on a climate project of your choice
Choose one of our pre-selected and verified climate projects.

Done! You protect the climate and inspire your customers
Hassle-free operation throughexisting payment processes. And you´ll regularly receive marketing material.

Select the contribution model that suits you
Choose from three different configurations and contribution models.

Real added value for our customers

“Our customers are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint - now we offer not only great products but also the opportunity to shop in a climate-friendly way. The feedback is great!"

Ready to get started?

Delight your customers and get started on a climate-neutral future - with just a few clicks! Provide a few details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Regular marketing material helps you communicate effectively

To inspire your customers, it is crucial to communicate your commitment to climate action regularly. You can relax and we provide you with "ready-to-post" marketing material tailored to your online shop.

Carbon contribution directly at the point-of-sales

Choose the setup that’s right for your shop and adjust the settings according to your needs. We calculate the optimal offsetting amount, you decide on the actual climate contribution.

Good to know: Your climate contribution can either be forest protection, tree planting or providing direct carbon offsets.

Climate contribution included

The merchant pays for carbon offsets with every order.

Climate contribution optional

The consumer can choose to add carbon offsets to their shopping cart.

Climate contribution together

Merchants include and consumers can choose to add carbon offsets with every order.

68% of customers want the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint directly at the point of purchase (Galaxus, 2020)


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Ready to get started?

Delight your customers and get started on a climate-neutral future - with just a few clicks! Provide a few details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Register now and the first 100 trees planted will be on us!

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