Effective climate action is well done - not only well-meant.

For us, the effect is the top priority. 

That is why the selection of our carbon offsetting projects is based on scientific criteria and transparent measurement of the climate impact.

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How does CO2 compensation work?

To achieve our climate goals, the emission of climate-damaging emissions must be drastically reduced worldwide. Climate compensation, i.e. offsetting, is possible by financing climate action projects. These projects reduce climate-damaging emissions, through innovative or natural measures.

Long-term climate action

For sustained success and positive impact of the projects, we consider not only climate protection but also the protection of the environment and species, as well as the involvement of the local population. Sustainable climate action projects contribute to social, ecological, and economic development in the given region.

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Why do we focus on reforestation projects?

We support reforestation projects

Trees are true climate heroes

For their growth, trees need the climate-damaging CO2 from the atmosphere and are therefore not only an important, renewable resource but also completely natural climate protectors. In addition, they filter rainwater, stabilize the soil, provide fresh air and are a central habitat for us humans and millions of animals, plants and insects.

Increasing climate awareness in all customer groups

68 % of customers wish to have the option to reduce their carbon footprint directly at the point of purchase (Galaxus, 2020).

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Criteria for effective climate action projects

Additional contribution

Project partners must demonstrate that a project actually makes an additional contribution to climate action and not just maintains the status quo.


To ensure that a project represents an additional climate action measure, the contribution to CO2 reduction must be clearly measurable using clear calculation methods.


The climate impact must be transparently traceable and each individual climate impact may only be assigned to exactly one buyer.

Holistic approach

In addition to the pure climate impact, we also take other sustainability criteria into account, such as biodiversity and the involvement of the local population.

Our climate action partners

To ensure the highest climate action standards, we only work with selected and audited partners.

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Visionary pragmatists who use modern tree-tracking technology to sustainably reforest degraded land areas in the tropics.

Founded in 2003 by WWF and other NGOs to address the sustainability goals of the United Nations in addition to climate action.

A globally active non-profit organization known for its cost efficiency and the involvement of local communities.

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