The Yook Plugin: integrating climate action into the buying process with just one click


Just a few clicks - and off you go!

The plugin integrates seamlessly into your existing e-commerce processes

The Yook plugin for Shopware, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify or your individual shop system can be easily integrated into your existing e-commerce processes. The installation is quick and simple.

One Plugin. Everything included.


Ready-to-use content to differentiate among the competition and drive sales.


Customizable offsetting option integrated at checkout and supporting awesome climate projects. Merchants can select offsetting project, type, options and amount that fits their shop best.


Climate impact information helps users navigate and decide.


Ready-to-use content for after-sales communication to drive retention and referral.

Seamlessly integrated - flexible, quick and hassle-free

The Yook extension is compatible with major storefront providers, and installation is a snap. We are continuously working on compatibility with all major store systems.

Your shop is special?

You are missing your shop systems in our list or are you having special requirements? Contact us and we´ll find a solution.

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Carbon offsetting directly at the point-of-sales

Choose the setup that’s right for your shop, and adjust the settings according to your needs. We calculate the optimal offsetting amount, you decide on the actual climate contribution.


Climate contribution included

The merchant pays for carbon offsets with every order.


Climate contribution optional

The consumer can choose to add carbon offsets to their shopping cart.


Climate contribution together

Merchants include and consumers can choose to purchase carbon offsets with every order.

Full transparency - for conscious purchasing decisions

Show CO2 Information

Our CO2 analysis software automatically calculates the carbon footprint of your products.

Add a CO2 filter

Integrate a search and filter function based on the CO2 emissions of the products.

Promote climate-friendly products

Make your customers aware of climate-friendly and climate-neutral products.

One-third of the personal CO2 footprint is caused by consumption.

(German average, Umweltbundesamt, 2020)

The CO2 footprint of your products

Our CO2 analysis software connects the information from your product catalog to global CO2 databases and product-specific algorithms. Therefore we can automatically display the carbon footprint of your products and the shipping. This provides customers with relevant information for their purchasing decisions.


Demonstrate your climate commitment throughout the shopping experience

To delight your customers, it is crucial to regularly communicate your commitment to climate action. The good news is, you can lean back and relax while we provide you with marketing material tailored to your online store.

Bagde L.png

Full transparency for your customers

Using a tracking ID, your customers can individually track their climate contribution and receive transparent information and updates on the supported climate action project.

Keep the overview

With our dashboard, you can keep track of your settings, your climate action contribution, ongoing project updates and your key performance indicators on customer interaction and response.

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