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Integrate carbon information on every purchase, enable offsetting, and integrate your climate action across your marketing channels.

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Use your sustainable practices to acquire new customers and boost your marketing

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Fight climate change

A shopping journey that excites customers

Carbon information

Show data on your product's carbon footprint and highlight climate-friendly products.

Carbon offsetting

Enable carbon offsets directly in your checkout. Select a green project that fits your shop.

Marketing and communication

Use our pre-produced, regularly provided marketing materials for content along the customer journey.

Real added value for our customers

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“Our customers are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint - now we offer not only great products but also the opportunity to shop in a climate-friendly way. The feedback is great!"

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Climate action - really well done

Not all CO2 emissions can be avoided or reduced. But with the right information, consumers can make educated decisions. In addition, offsetting your CO2 emissions is a simple yet important contribution to stop climate change.

Climate action must be well done to be effective. Yook uses science-based criteria for the selection of climate projects and works with experienced climate protection partners worldwide.

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